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We offer inspirational programmes including a documentary movie with a companion book showing how Yaniv Janson a teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder overcame communication disabilities by developing a visual language through art. He communicates in painting about environmental sustainability and climate change. The documentary includes interviews with Yaniv, his family and teachers and film of his shows and multiple awards. The companion book includes a teacher resource integrating the NZ curriculum into teaching about environmental sustainability both to students with disabilities and mainstream students. Special mention is made about developing Key Competencies teaching arts and environmental topics.

Artist Information

Yaniv Janson (yaniv@egl.ac.nz)
Phone: 0272881949
Qualifications: See my CV at: http://y-artist.blogspot.com/p/trial.html

Community arts experience.
Over 30 art exhibitions, in NZ and abroad; in schools and community galleries.

Skills and abilities:
Yaniv is an 18 year old artist who works together with Annick an Education Psychologist to create positive role models experiences for students with disabilities, their teachers and families.

Relevant qualifications:
2010 Diploma of Art and Creativity student (TLC: International School of Art and Creativity, Wellington).
2009 Certificate of Art and Creativity, TLC: International School of Art and Creativity, Wellington and Hillcrest High School, Hamilton, year 13.
M.A. Clinical Psychology

Programme Information

Mode of Delivery: Screening movie
Arts Practice Medium: Visual Arts
Topics or Genres of Expertise: Painting
Cultural Context: European, European
Languages Spoken: English
Target Age Group: Senior Secondary
Preferred Group Size: Large (20+)
Regions: National
Times: 2010 - November, December
2011 - February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Space and Resources Required: Computer, DVD player
Programme Materials Provided for Schools? Yes

Indicative Costs: 1200$


Some Hamilton schools have indicated their interest in piloting this new programme and screening this documentary. The documentary was chosen by AutismNZ, Hamilton branch for screening at the Disability Pride Film Festival, Sept 2010.

Date Posted: 16 Sep 2010
Last Updated: 17 Sep 2010

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