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Art History Resource Page for NCEA

A list of useful websites can be viewed on the art history resources page of the NCEA resource site.

Arts Curriculum Teaching and Learning Guides for Senior Secondary

These New Zealand Curriculum guides provide comprehensive elaborations of the arts learning area including the disciplines of dance, drama, music – sound arts, visual arts, and art history. Pedagogies, indicators, context elaborations, and learning progammes support underpinning key concepts. All materials strongly support arts teaching and learning in each discipline at curriculum levels 6 - 8 (NCEA).

Assessment Terms (Word 48.5KB)

This document prepared by Chris Archer, provides a scaffolded glossary of verbs commonly used in assessment.

Basic Steps in the Research Process

This website provides students with an outline of the steps involved when undertaking a research project, and sets out some guidelines for working through each step. Suitable for NCEA.

Humanism (Word 39.5KB)

A resource developed by Sandra Chesterman which details the circumstances which gave rise to Humanism. It could be used purely as teacher notes or could be a very purposeful student handout.

The Impact of the NCEA on Student Motivation (Word 1.4MB)

This final report (June 2006) by Victoria University presents results of research carried out for the Ministry of Education. It presents key findings consistent with existing motivation theory and research but also reveals issues specific to NCEA of relevance to school efforts to maximise student motivation and achievement.

Level 3 Art History Programme Structure (Word 304KB)

This downloadable guide to structuring a programme for a Level 3 Art History Area of Study was developed by Barbara Ormond. It is an in-depth analysis of content and its integration with assessment. Particularly useful for first year teachers or those new to the teaching of Art History. It is also very relevant for all in the light of the new NCEA Guidelines.

Level 3 Exam Strategies (Word 47.5KB)

This paper deals with suggested strategies for improving exam performance at Level 3 in relation to the three external Achievement Standards for Art History.

NCEA Assessment Activities and Assessment (Word 42KB)

A guide to the design of NCEA Assessment Activities and Schedules for Art History. It offers a step-by-step process for doing so.

NZQA Resources for Art History

This link will take you to the NZQA art history resource site. This is a one stop site which contains achievement and scholarship standards,previous examinations, National Moderator's Reports, Examiners reports and useful links to sites like TKI. Long term development includes the provision of annotated exemplars from previous exams. The previous examination reports contain information which will be useful for teachers preparing students for the upcoming external assessment.

Teachers Talk About NCEA (Word 405KB)

This Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) report summarises research undertaken with teachers on the impact of NCEA on teaching and learning. It summarises the history of NCEA, its implementation, methodology, and outcomes. Recommendations are made to the government on the future of NCEA.

Vermeer (PPT 305KB)

A PowerPoint presentation which uses Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring as an introduction to Art History. Comes with explanatory notes for the teacher (Levels 2 or 3).

Vermeer teacher notes (Word 32.5KB)

Vermeer Powerpoint explanatory notes