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A visual arts unit for levels 1–2

by Helen Moore, Arts Coordinator, Visual Arts – Primary, Christchurch College of Education


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Theme and context
Rangoli is a popular floor art form from India in which designs are created using variously coloured powders. Traditional patterns are often symmetrical and geometric, and usually created by Indian women on the ground in front of their houses for Hindu festivals.


  • Drawing


  • Chalk
  • Coloured powders

Suggested materials

  • Tempera powder
  • Dyed rice
  • Coloured rice powder
  • Coloured sand.

Background information and resources


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Note: Levels 3–4 unit on rangoli art
A much more detailed unit on rangoli for students at higher levels, also written by Helen Moore, is available on the Asia2000 website at asia2000.org.nz/education/legacy/unit_plans/rangoli/index.shtml. This unit is highly recommended.

Printing this unit

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